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The De Beefe

Walloon, Flemish and Dutch clockmakers

Gilles De Beefe

Numerous clockmakers in the Low Countries are named De Beefe (de Befve). Most English books don't get much further than citing Baillie naming them makers of repute. The family originates from the tiny village Befve in the land of Herve on the crossroads between nowadays Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. Since 1580 and even earlier this family or clan produced clocks of an uncommon quality. Family members moved to the larger cities in the region: Maastricht, Malines, Aachen, The Hague and of course Liège. A team of family and friends led by Gilles De Beefe went to Portugal to install two clocks and two carillons in the two bell towers of the Mafra monastery converted in royal palace.Rensonnet

This website is a small online presence in the margin of the researching and writing of a monography about the "De Beefe clan". Anyone having pictures, clocks, instruments or whatever kind of information on the De Beefe and their works is welcome sharing it with the author. Members of these clans of makers and regional competitors sign their clocks with De Beefe, De Befve, De Beef, Rensonet, Ransonet, Rensonnet, Croisier, Deby, De Neve, Rahier, Knaeps, Burguet, Nizet, Grondal...De Beefe

We welcome input about these clockmakers and instrumentmakers.





De Beefe

Gille De Beefe


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