Notes about the programme Ion Stopping and Range Tables (SR_WIN) of the package The Stopping and Ranges in Matter SRIM-2000.10 (Win-95/Win-98/Win-NT) used for Charged Particle Activation (CPA)

Download the upgrade for version .10 dd March 17, 1999

Version .09: it is not possible to calculate a compound that is not listed in the dictionary and using the default file name (that contains a '/').
Version .10 (downloaded before March 1,. 1999): stopping power data in MeV / (mg/cm2) and the 'multiply factor' using default values for Target Weight (amu), can be both wrong, as well for elemental targets as for compounds, if the MAI weight differs from the natural weight

Ion = Charged Particle

Click PT or Name or enter Symbol, do not enter Atomic Number Enter Mass (amu)   [default]
p   proton H   Hydrogen   1 1.008   [1.008]
d   deuteron   Hydrogen   1 2.014   [1.008]
3He   helium-3 He   Helium   2 3.016   [4.004]
4He   helium-4   alpha He   Helium   2 4.004   [4.004]

MAI = Most Abundant Isotope

Mixtures and compounds, not listed in the Compound Dictionary:
Periodic Table: 
click yellow PT
button in menu
symbol & name
symbol & name
Ion Mass (amu)
MAI Wgt.
ma    atomic mass
u   unified atomic mass unit
 Target Weight (amu)
Nat. Wgt.
Ar = ma /mu
relative atomic mass 
atomic weight
MAI Mass
A = Z + N
nucleon number
mass number

Grateful acknowledgements to J.F. Ziegler   Updated March 16, 1999 by Karel Strijckmans