This is a conversion of Apple's ASCIIMoviePlayer to a color version. It also contains some optimizations, so it should be faster overall. You still need a quite fast computer to get an acceptable framerate though (my G4/400 with Rage128Pro is not fast enough for most movies). Binary and source are included in the zip file. This program was compiled using gcc3 under Mac OS X 10.2.1, so it may not run under Mac OS X 10.1.x. Nothing prevents you from compiling it yourself under that version if you have the developer tools installed though.

Like the original comments by the Apple engineers in the source indicate, you get the best results by changing the Terminal window settings to white on black (also change the text color of bold text for this version!)

Update: after reading the page of QuickASCII, an open source project geared at improving ASCIIMoviePlayer, I decided to try GLTerm, since they suggested it was faster than And sure, it's a *LOT* faster. Now I can play movies in color almost at full speed! Woohoo :)


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Download here