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I wish to welcome you all on my fairly modest webspace through which I will try to inform you about the research topic I am currently working on and keep you up-to-date of my research progress. In addition, you will find some information on my teaching activities at Ghent University, trips I undertook or will undertake, and on my personal life.

Clicking the 'research'-link at the top of this frame will take you to the wonderful world of discrete mathematical models, among which cellular automata are probably most well-known. Some general facts and figures on this mathematical systems can be found on this page together with a list of links to webpages on the topic for those interested. Furthermore, an overview of my publications can be found by clicking this link, as well as some information about the department I am working at.

Quite expected, information about me and my surroundings, together with some facts and links on trips I made can be accessed through the link 'personal'. Be warned not the see a detailed facebook-like summary of my young life , but just some basic facts, since I am not into sharing my life with everyone I don't know or maybe don't want to know ;-). In addition, I've listed the countries I have visited so far, together with a few pictures of my favorite places.

The links section below contains some interesting links to research-related topics, as well as organizations I hold dear.

Although I dare to postpone it fairly easily, I try to keep the overview of my research and educational activities up to date such that you can get a clear view of the most recent state of affairs.

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