About me and my family

I am Guido Vanden Berghe, born in Brugge (Bruges, Belgium) on 24 August 1945. Here are some pictures .

My home address is Twee Dreven 56, 9830 Sint-Martens-Latem (Belgium), tel. ++32 9 ~2827286.

I am married to Magda Van haecht. Together we have five sons, Kristof, born on 8/7/1971, Stefaan, born on 24/12/1972, Jeroen, born on 4/11/1975, Maarten, born on 19/10/1979, Hannes, born on 8/1/1986 and two daughters, Elke, born on 4/9/1977 and Maaike, born on 19/10/1979 (see all of them in september 2006, in May 2010,in May 2013 , in September 2014 and in September 2016 )

Kristof is married to Beatrijs Vandewalle; they have two little daughters, Hanne, born on 18/1/1997, Lore born on 20/11/1998,one boy Quinten born on 22/12/2001 and again a daughter Tine born on 12/5/2005 (see family). Stefaan is married to Caroline Dedeken; they also have one daughter, Machteld, born on 5/3/1997, one boy, Michiel, born on 20/8/1998 and two daughters, Marthe, born on 24/8/2000 and Hermelien, born on 20/4/2006 (see family). Elke is married to Peter Van de Woestyne; they have two daughters, Lotte, born on 8/6/2004 and Lisa, born on 26/05/2008, and one son, Robin, born on 7/11/2005 (see family). Jeroen is married to Griet Anaf; they have two sons, Jona, born on 20/09/2006, Timon, born on 25/02/2008 and a daughter Jutta born on 1/06/2010 (see family). Maaike and her boy-friend Stijn Wellens (see picture); they have one daughter, Liv, born on 21/11/2007 and two sons Miel, born on 28/7/2009 and Jef, born on 9/3/2013. Maarten is married to Sara Storme(see picture) ; they have two sons, Pepijn, born on 26/5/2014 and Arne, born on 4/11/2016. Here are some pictures of my granddaughters and grandsons and the whole family

Guido Vanden Berghe 1 january 2016