My research fields are monetary economics, monetary policy, oil market dynamics and macroeconometrics

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Recent (working) papers

"Agricultural price shocks and business cycles: a global warning for advanced economies" (with Jasmien De Winne)

"Monetary policy transmission and trade-offs in the United States: old and new" (with Boris Hofmann)

"Heterogeneous government spending multipliers in the era surrounding the Great Recession" (with Marco Bernardini and Selien De Schryder), revise and resubmit for The Review of Economics and Statistics

"The transmission mechanism of credit support policies in the euro area" (with Jef Boeckx and Maite De Sola Perea)

"Wage indexation and monetary policy regimes" (with Selien De Schryder and Joris Wauters)

"Endogenous wage indexation and aggregate shocks" (with Julio Carrillo and Joris Wauters)

"Shocks to bank lending, risk-taking, securitization, and their role for U.S. business cycle fluctuations" (with Wolf Wagner)


(forthcoming) Publications

"Private debt overhang and the government spending multiplier: Evidence for the United States" (with Marco Bernardini), Journal of Applied Econometrics, forthcoming.

"Is there a debt service channel of monetary transmission?" (with Boris Hofmann), BIS Quarterly Review, 2017, December, p 23-37.

"Effectiveness and transmission of the ECB's balance sheet policies" (with Jef Boeckx and Maarten Dossche), International Journal of Central Banking, 2017, 13(1), p 297-333.

"Macroeconomic effects of disruptions in global food commodity markets: Evidence for the United States" (with Jasmien De Winne), Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, 2016, 47(2), p 183-286.

"The U.S. dollar exchange rate and the demand for oil" (with Selien De Schryder) Energy Journal, 2015, 36(3), p 91-113.

"Effectiveness of unconventional monetary policy at the zero lower bound: a cross-country analysis"(with Leo Gambacorta and Boris Hofmann), Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 2014, 46(4), p 615-642.

"Time-varying effects of oil supply shocks on the U.S. economy" (with Christiane Baumeister), American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 2013, Vol 5(4), p 1-28.

"Dissecting the Dynamics of the US Trade Balance in an Estimated Equilibrium Model" (with Punnoose Jacob), Journal of International Economics, 2013, Vol. 90(2), p 302-315.

"The role of time-varying price elasticities in accounting for volatility changes in the crude oil market" (with Christiane Baumeister), Journal of Applied Econometrics, 2013, Vol. 28(7), p 1087-1109

"Time variation in U.S. wage dynamics" (with Boris Hofmann and Roland Straub), Journal of Monetary Economics, 2012, Vol. 59(8), p 769-783.

"Cross-country differences in the effects of oil shocks" (with Ine Van Robays), Energy Economics, 2012, Vol. 34(5), p 1532-1547.

"The relative importance of symmetric and asymmetric shocks: the case of United Kingdom and Euro area", Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 2011, Vol. 73(1), p 101-118.

  • Abstract

  • An older version circulated as "The relative importance of symmetric and asymmetric shocks and the determination of the exchange rate"

"The economic consequences of oil shocks: differences across countries and time" (with Christiane Baumeister and Ine van Robays), In Fry, Jones and Kent (eds), Inflation in an era of relative price shocks, Reserve Bank of Australia, 2010, p 91-128.

"Oil and the Euro area economy" (with Ine Van Robays), Economic Policy, 2009, Vol. 24(Oct), p 603-651.

"Technology shocks and robust sign restrictions in a Euro area SVAR" (with Roland Straub), International Economic Review, 2009, Vol. 50(3), p 727-750.

"Business cycle fluctuations and excess sensitivity of private consumption" (with Lorenzo Pozzi), Economica, 2008, Vol. 75, p 514-523.

  • Abstract

  • An older version circulated as "Determinants of consumption smoothing"

"Is the exchange rate a shock absorber or source of shocks? New empirical evidence" (with Katie Farrant), Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 2006, Vol. 38, p 939-962.

"The industry effects of monetary policy in the Euro area" (with Frank Smets), Economic Journal, 2005, Vol. 115(April), p 319-342.

"What caused the early millennium slowdown? Evidence based on vector autoregressions", Journal of Applied Econometrics, 2005, Vol. 20, p 185-207.

"The transmission of monetary policy in the Euro area: Are the effects different across countries?", Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 2004, Vol. 66(3), p 285-308.

"Investment under monetary uncertainty: a panel data investigation" (with Andrew Hughes Hallett and Laura Piscitelli), Empirica, 2004, Vol. 31(2), p 137-162.

"The monetary transmission mechanism in the Euro area: more evidence from VAR analysis" (with Frank Smets), In Angeloni, Kashyap and Mojon (eds), Monetary policy transmission in the Euro area, Cambridge University Press, 2003, chapter 2, p 36-55.

"A VAR description of the effects of monetary policy in the individual countries of the Euro area" (with Benoit Mojon), In Angeloni, Kashyap and Mojon (eds), Monetary policy transmission in the Euro area, Cambridge University Press, 2003, chapter 3, p 56-74.

"Are the effects of monetary policy in the Euro area greater in recessions than in booms?" (with Frank Smets), In Mahadeva and Sinclair (eds), Monetary transmission in diverse economies, Cambridge University Press, 2002, p 28-48.

"Monetary policy and long term interest rates in Germany", Economics Letters, 2002, Vol 77(2), October, p 271-278.

"The Taylor rule: A useful monetary policy benchmark for the Euro area?" (with Frank Smets), International Finance, 1999, Vol. 2(1), p 85-116.

Other (working) papers

"Bank lending shocks and the euro area business cycle", revise and resubmit at Journal of Money, Credit and Banking (but I never found the time to do the revisions)

"The effectiveness of unconventional monetary policies", Bank- en Financiewezen, 2014, 1, p 62-72.

"Macroeconomic effects of unconventional monetary policy in the Euro area", European Central Bank Working Paper No. 1230, July 2010

"Liquidity, inflation and asset prices in a time-varying framework for the Euro area" (with Christiane Baumeister and Eveline Durinck), National Bank of Belgium Working Paper No. 142, October 2008

"Putting the New Keynesian model to a test" (with Roland Straub), International Monetary Fund Working Paper 06/135, May 2006


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