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01/11/'10: Definitly, my coolest data thus far, now in press in Consciousness & Cognition. Basically, we show that frequent truth telling made lying more difficulty, and that frequent lying made lying easier. Here's the "Ease of lying" paper.

31/08/'10: We translated and validated the Psychopathic Personality Inventory - Revised (PPI-R), a questionnaire to assess psychopathic traits. Click here to find out how to obtain the PPI-R.

31/08/'10: A short article in Dutch on new approaches in lie detection

02/07/'10: To know more about deception one can conduct laboratory or field research, each having its limitations. In this new paper (Verschuere et al., 2010), we present a mixed design, that combines aspects of both laboratory and field research. 

01/07/'10: Together with EPRODD-members Gershon Ben-Shakhar and Ewout Meijer, I proudly present the first book on the Concealed Information test (aka Guilty Knowledge Test): Memory Detection: Theory and Application of the Concealed Information Test. Hard copy is available with cambridge University Press from Feb, 2011

18/03/'10: Phd Job opening! We acquired a European Collaborative Research Project Grant on “Optimising the detection of criminal intent and deception among criminal networks (ECRP-025)". 01/07/'10: Position is filled!

20/10/'09: Media appearances. On Belgian Radio1 I comment on the scientific value of the polygraph. In De Standaard, I comment upon a questionable report of a "polygraph expert". Finally, there was a press release of our EPRODD article (Meijer, Verschuere, et al., Open Acces Journal of Forensic Psychology).

19/10/'09: We have published an article on the growing succes of pseudoscientific usage of the lie detector in the Netherlands (Meijer, Merckelbach, Verschuere, Nederlands Tijdschrift tegen de Kwakzalverij, 2009). Click here for the article.

06/10/'09: Together with Hedwig Eisenbarth and Kasia Uzieblo, I organized an autumn school on research in forensic populations Click here. The school was a great succes, as you can see on all the happy faces below:

31/07/'09: In a new paper we show that reaction times can reach the same accuarcy as the polygraph in the detection of concealed information (Verschuere et al, in Applied Cognitive Psychology). In another paper (Meijer, Verschuere, et al., Open Acces Journal of Forensic Psychology) we plea for evidence-based security tools, see also www.eprodd.net.

19/06/'09: I have a new paper in press that shows that the heart rate acceleration to concealed information is not a fight/flight response, but due to verbalization (Verschuere et al, in Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback).

15/05/'09: Together with Hedwig Eisenbarth and Kasia Uzieblo, I'm organizing an autumn school on experimental methods in forensic populations. The website is online. Click here, have a look and apply!

22/10/'08: I have a new paper in press that indicates that deception is involved (and adds) to the P300-based Concealed Information Test (P300 memory detection; Verschuere et al, in Legal and Criminological Psychology).

15/10/'08: The Website of our European consortium of Psychological Research on Deception Detection (EPRODD) is online! Have a look at http://www.eprodd.net/.

18/09/'08: The aIAT was recently introduced as a new, fast, and highly accurate lie detection test. In this new paper we show that mere instructions allow people to fake the aIAT (Verschuere, Prati, & de Houwer, in Psychological Science).

17/08/'08: I have a paper in press on the validity of FPLL in the detection of concealed information (Vandenbosch et al., in International Journal of Psychophysiology).

25/06/'08: I have a paper in press (Gamer et al., in Physiology & Behavior) that shows that skin conductance is the most sensitive ANS measure for the detection of concealed information.

05/06/'08:  Mangan et al published a very dubious study on the Quadri-Track Zone Comparison Technique. Our
critique on this paper will be published together with Mangans paper in Physiology & Behavior.  

27/05/'08:  Upcoming talk. See also breinwijzer.be. Note that "Prof" should be "Dr"

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